Dave Cross and Michael Schwern join All Around The World

We’ve been busy. Too busy to update this blog as often as we would like, to be honest. In addition to expanding our Perl training courses and running around Europe and the US providing Perl solutions to companies, we are now proud to announce that Dave Cross and Michael Schwern will be joining Curtis “Ovid” Poe as Perl trainers and consultants. In our continuing effort to be a “one-stop shop” for Perl training, consulting and recruiting, we’re very proud to add Dave and Michael, two of the best-known Perl trainers.

Curtis “Ovid” Poe

Curtis lives in France and sits on the Board of Directors of the Perl Foundation and has written the book Beginning Perl and is a co-author of Perl Hacks, both of which have received excellent reviews. He wrote the test harness that currently ships with the core Perl language and has been specializing in Perl since the late 1990s. He routinely speaks at conferences across Europe and the US and has been teaching Perl for the past decade, in addition to building large-scale systems for many companies.

Michael Schwern

If you had to point to one person as the driver behind the Perl community’s obsession with testing, that would be Schwern. Schwern lives in the USA and is a prominent member of the Perl community and frequent presenter at Open Source conferences. He is the author of Perl’s Test::More framework, which has been credited with greatly increasing the prevalence of tests being written in Perl. Schwern’s deep expertise in working with legacy code bases and teaching software testing makes him a highly sought-after consultant and trainer. Schwern can work with you to understand what it takes to modernize your Perl code base to make it more reliable and easier to add new features to. As he is one of the top Perl testing experts in the world, All Around The World is proud to have Michael Schwern working with us to help companies solve their testing and legacy code base problems.

Dave Cross

Dave lives in the UK and has been programming professionally since 1988, using Perl since 1996, and has run Perl training courses since 2001. In that time he has used Perl as a glue language, for web development and as a general purpose programming language. He is the author of Data Munging with Perl and a co-author of Perl Template Toolkit. He has also written articles about Perl for The Perl Journal and Linux Format.

He has run in-house training courses for companies ranging from investment banks to dotcoms. He is often invited to give training courses alongside open source conferences like the UKUUG Spring Conference and the London Perl Workshop. He is a regular speaker at both Perl and open source conferences.

Our Training

We offer a variety of Perl training classes including “Beginning Perl” and “Testing from Zero to Hero”, the most sought-after courses for many companies. We also offer training in intermediate and advanced Perl, Web programming in Perl, DBIx::Class, and Moose, amongst others.

As is often the case, many companies need custom training solutions. Drop us a line at info@allaroundtheworld.fr and let us work with you to create a training solution that meets your company’s needs.

Our Consulting

Many companies today find themselves with legacy Perl code bases that are often difficult to understand, maintain and extend. They are often poorly organized and have few, if any, tests. Sometimes you don’t need training; sometimes you just need someone to pick up a shovel and dig you out of a hole. While it’s tempting to think about rewriting your software, this is a very risky strategy. We have deep experience in this area and can work with you to analyze your current system, understand your risks, and start implementing a sane integration test suite to cover critical areas and then start refactoring them into something that is much easier to use and extend.

Even if you have a great system, you don’t always have the time to handle everything. Need your ETL system improved? Need your test suite overhauled? Need new features added to your Web site? We can provide you with excellent consultants or, alternatively, provide top-notch recruiting to give you access to a much wider labor market.

Whatever your Perl needs are, we’re here to help. Our consulting services are available both on-site or remotely, depending on your needs.

Reach out through our contact form or send an email to info@allaroundtheworld.fr and let us know how we can create a custom training program to fit your needs, or provide expert Perl consulting services to solve your problems.

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