Making our training material public

So far adding Dave Cross and Michael Schwern to our list of trainers and consultants┬áhas been a great success and we’ve already had inquiries for their services. Our only concern is being cautious about not growing too fast, but so far we’ve struck a balance, though we’re a bit busier than we expected (yay!). One thing we’ve pondered is how we can effectively give back to the community while still providing commercial services. Our strength has been built on the success of open source and we want to make sure we honor that.

So as an experiment, we’ve released some of our testing training material free of charge on github. That’s some of the code we use in our Perl Testing Class and that’s to help people better understand the quality of our training. The format is a little bit of lecture, followed by hands-on work by the attendees. Every lesson has a sample answer included in case the students get stuck. Though the training is in git, use of this technology is not required for the actual testing (though we offer git training, too).

One downfall of this approach is that we’re not there to explain the material, to answer the unusual questions that come up in class, and the slides are not provided. However, we hope that if someone can’t afford to come to us, or can’t bring us to them, maybe they’ll still be able to work through the examples and better understand testing in Perl.

This sample of our training includes:

  • Understanding common testing modules
  • How to mock time for testing
  • Using code coverage effectively
  • Testing scripts
  • Using integration tests to refactor legacy applications
  • … and more

In addition to Perl testing training, we offer training in beginning, intermediate and advanced Perl, Moose, DBIx::Class, git, and a number of other topics. If you’re interested in training or development work (we’re very good at cleaning up legacy code bases) or consulting, please contact us at


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