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Training : Perl, Agile, Testing

We are proud to have Curtis "Ovid" Poe, Dave Cross, andMichael Schwern, three of the best-known Perl developers and trainers, offering our courses. Let us help your IT staff benefit from expert knowledge in the field of Perl. Whether it’s testing, learning Perl or understanding some of the more advanced tools, such as Moose, DBIx::Class or Catalyst, we can work with you to understand your particular needs and create a program that will help your employees not only develop the skills they need, but work directly with an expert to answer the questions that are unique to your situation. Further, when training, we’ll make sure that your employees get hands-on experience with the tools in question rather than simply being lectured to. If you don’t get your hands dirty, you won’t learn.

While you should feel free to contact us for custom training needs, our more popular classes include:

Introduction to Perl

It can be hard to find Perl developers today. As a result, many companies are now electing to train new Perl developers from scratch. Our introduction to Perl class ensures that developers who have no prior experience with Perl can quickly grasp the basics in a matter of days. Furthermore, we focus specifically on the Perl that developers are likely to find in the wild and not just modern Perl techniques. Developers will learn the basics of variables, subroutines, packages and standalone scripts, but we'll take them further to understanding advanced data structures, regular expressions, context, I/O, understanding the CPAN and how to use Perl's built-in documentation effectively.

Throughout the course, students will learn a bit of Perl, and then write some code. This process will be repeated throughout the course to ensure that students will actually learn Perl and not simply hear a lecture.

This course is aimed at people who already have some experience programming.

Testing From Zero to Hero

It's an unfortunate fact that many companies don't have test suites or have underperforming test suites. The test suites make take too long to run, causing the company to lose money. Fragile test suites abound and these also cause reliability issues in your code and may cause you to lose customers. All Around The World offers a "get your hands dirty" testing course that assumes knowledge of Perl, but no knowledge of testing. The course lasts one or two days, depending on your company's needs.

We start with an introduction to the mindset of testing, and from there quickly move to a series of hands-on exercises. The format is a little bit of explanation followed by a little bit of coding; wash, rinse, repeat.

You will learn testing modules, testing individual scripts, effective test organization, handling randomness, xUnit-style testing, the most popular testing modules, code coverage, and much more.

This class can be optionally followed by hands-on pair programming with the instructor on your actual test suite's code base. This allows your developers to take their new skills and immediately apply them to your software.

Agile Companies Go POP

Based on Curtis "Ovid" Poe's popular one-hour talk introducing strategic Agile principles, this day-long training helps companies in understanding how to align the company's strategic goals with Agile. Unlike other courses in this vein, we break the company down into People, Organization, and Process.

We teach you proven, but little-used techniques for improving your hiring process. We then break Organization down into beliefs and management. For beliefs, we help to explain the attitudes that Agile companies express, and then we move on to an explanation of how management works in an Agile environment, one of the most frustrating topics that many companies struggle with. We then move on to process, explaining how process is analyzed and give you tools to identify "abusive processes" that hold your company back.

We finish up with a summary of the day, and then give you a structure for transforming your company into an Agile company, including clear tools for visualizing this change.

Please note that this course is for companies that already have experience with Agile development and wish to take the next step.